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Big Questions for Startups

A version of our Big Questions game designed specifically for startups. This time with 52 critical questions that ambitious early stage businesses might need to ask themselves as they seek to grow.
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x 79 high quality playing cards
x 1 rigid box case

What are the big questions you need to work through as an early stage business? How might you prioritise what to tackle, and in what order? This simple game of questions will help you shortcut your way to answers.

how it works

The game features a comprehensive set of critical and curly questions that commonly confound early stage businesses. These cut across five domains: business, brand, culture, customer and product. Through a series of steps, you will be guided to identify, cluster and prioritise the challenges facing your venture. By the end of the game, you’ll have a clear idea of the big questions you need to tackle––and a high level action plan so you can begin working through them with your team.

who it's for

Big Questions for Startups is designed for founders, co-founders and senior team members of early stage businesses. The game has been designed for those making big plans and making big calls day-to-day. It works as both a one-player or multi-player format, so suits being played by either sole founders or leadership teams. Big Questions for Startups is also useful for scaleups who are growing at pace and managing a moving feast of strategic questions.

Designed for key moments

The inflection point

When you need to change things up.
For example, when market missteps prompt a review of your proposition.

The moment of reflection

When you ponder your next moves.
For example, when a possible opportunity to pivot presents itself.

The scheduled review

When you need to make a big plan.
For example, when a meeting with your lead investor looms ahead.

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