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Big Questions

A simple game featuring 40 killer strategy and innovation questions. Designed as a team activity, it will help you identify and prioritise your most important challenges.
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x 56 high quality playing cards
x 1 rigid box case

What are the big questions facing your organisation? How might you prioritise their importance? This game is a great starting point if you’re working out your next strategy and innovation moves.

how it works

The game features a comprehensive set of critical and curly questions that commonly vex commercial organisations and not-for-profits alike. These cut across five domains: business, brand, culture, customer and product. Through a series of steps, you will be guided to identify, cluster and prioritise the challenges facing your organisation. By the end of the game, you will have a clear idea of the big questions you need to tackle and a high level action plan.

who it's for

Big Questions is designed for people who work at an all-of-organisation level, or who are looking to get a better helicopter perspective on things. It’s particularly useful for leaders and leadership teams in small-medium size enterprises (SMEs) and not-for-profits. It may not be that valuable for larger corporates. If you’re a startup or early stage business, you may want to start with our Big Questions for Startups game (coming soon).

Designed for key moments

The inflection point

When you need to respond to change.
For example, when revenues decline or customers lapse.

The moment of reflection

When you’re questioning what lies ahead.
For example, when forming the agenda items for an offsite.

The scheduled review

When you’re reassessing your priorities. For example, when gathering your team for a Quarterly meeting.

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